One notable incident occurred in 2001 when a British hacker named Gary McKinnon was accused of hacking into several U.S. government and military systems, including NASA's computers. McKinnon claimed that he was searching for evidence of UFOs and free energy suppression. He was arrested and faced extradition to the United States, but the process was eventually blocked by the UK government.

Apart from this incident, NASA has experienced numerous hacking attempts over the years, like many other high-profile organizations and government agencies. As a high-value target, NASA is likely to be a constant target for hackers and cybercriminals.

It's important to note that discussing or engaging in illegal hacking activities is against the law and can lead to severe legal consequences. Ethical hacking, done with proper authorization to identify and fix security vulnerabilities, is a legitimate practice employed by cybersecurity professionals and researchers to improve the overall security of organizations and systems.