Carding is simple, but Amazon Gift Card Carding Method might be challenging. Do not worry! You may effortlessly get a gift card on Amazon with the help of our fantastic method and BIN.

We'll concentrate on how to card gift cards, particularly amazon gift cards. I really receive numerous mails from people everyday asking how to card gifts, so I have decided to provide a guide on this topic.

This method, as always, is one that I have personally tried and am confident in its efficacy. As I promised, if you pay attention to my tutorials and try your best to put what you learn into practise, you'll soon learn enough to be able to card any item you desire.

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Because merchants are aware that gift cards are prime targets for carders, they take every precaution to prevent this from happening. This makes carding an Amazon gift card tough for amateurs. Bypassing all of these fraud red flags, we will use this method to successfully card gift card.

The objective is to pretend to be an ordinary user, so we must imitate their shopping habits in order to trick the security algorithms. Our objective is not to raise any fraud lights so we can get our gift card cards delivered in a matter of minutes, or sometimes hours, without the need for human verification.

Gift cards are typically automatically given without the need for manual verification if you do not activate any fraud signals. Keep in mind that persistence and attention to detail are essential.

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Steps for Amazon Gift Card Carding Method 2023​

Step 1. Buy cc with Fullz

You must first purchase CC fullz (for those who are new, CC stands for credit card; in this context, it refers to purchasing stolen credit cards from a carding shop or from your favourite suppliers).

You must use Fullz cc for gift card carding;

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Simply get world- or business-level fullz ccs. Bins 46616, 422307, 448848, 67522, 515405, 532235, 532249, and 534833 that are currently in use

Step 2. Check card balance

After purchasing a high-quality credit card, contact the issuing bank to check the card's balance, which indicates that the card is active. Chase's phone number is +18004323117 and Citibank's is +18009505114; they only require the credit card number and postal code; simply follow the automated voice prompts.

Step 3. Create Gmail ID with Same name as CC​

Create two Gmail accounts, one with the name of the credit card you purchased and one with a different identity, but both with the same last name. Example. If the name of the credit card you purchased is Chris Evans, construct the first email as [email protected] or something similar, and the second email should be a random girl's name, for instance [email protected].

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Step 4. Connect RDP and Shocks5

Purchase an RDP, or as a backup, use socks5, which is less expensive and accomplishes the same thing as Make sure the proxy score is 0 and the rdpsock5 is residential rather than datacenter when purchasing your rdp or socks5.

Make sure Shocks and RDP connected properly

  • Fire up your RDP or socks5 and visit
  • Sign up with all the details of the cc you bought.
  • If the cc came with a phone number also add the phone number, it helps incase the order goes to manual verification, don’t worry amazon barely calls.

Step 6. Start making an order

Play around on the Amazon website. First orders made with a new account on Amazon are frequently scrutinised quite closely, but after the second order, things become a little more relaxed, so we'll game the system.

The first thing the Amazon system checks for in physical orders is a mismatch between the billing zip code and the shipping address, followed by the primary one.

Remember If the zip code and the address match, the order is unquestionably valid and came from the cardholder; however, if the billing and shipping addresses don't match, maxmind and all other threat detection vectors and algorithms that merchants use typically flag the order as fraudulent and send it for manual review.

To trick the system, we will first spend a few hours browsing the Amazon website like normal users, setting up cookies, adding and removing products from carts, etc. Then, search Amazon for any large items that require up to 30 days or more to ship, such as custom chairs or tables. objects that are substantial.

Step 7. Add product in cart section

Add these products to your shopping basket. Use the cc owner's billing address as shipping and keep it under $400. So everything is in order. Choose things that take longer than three weeks to ship so that you can spend all of the credit card money on gift cards before the item is delivered to the address on the credit card. We are just placing the order to deceive the system.

Step 8. Start buying Gift Card

Time for the gift card now. Log out of the account and give it a day to age after carding the physical item to the cc owner and adding the cc to your Amazon account, etc.

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Step 9. Login and order gift card with cc fullz

Logging the following day, then going to the session for the electronic gift card. Order an electronic Amazon gift card from, select a birthday theme, and then type your own personalised birthday wish.

The text of the message should read as though you are wishing your college-aged child or children a happy birthday and concluding by encouraging them to use the gift card to purchase anything they choose, such as a laptop.

Send the customised note to the second email you generated after making it as persuasive and heartfelt as possible.

Please take note that the initial gift card should not exceed $500. You can either use the gift code yourself or exchange it for bitcoin after receiving the code through email. When using a world ccs to card, you can cash out your gift card without having to worry about early chargebacks because most of them take weeks to process.

Final thoughts:

So guys this the latest Amazon Gift Card carding method which is still working in 2023, if you face any issue drop a comment.

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